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As the Founder & Owner of TAKINA, I am convinced that you will be very pleased with the quality of service that you will receive. I can personally guarantee that TAKINA, and all its members, will do the utmost to find the best fitting solution or service for you. If, contrary to expectations you are unsatisfied in any way please contact me for a personal feedback and I am sure we will find a viable solution together. I am also thankful for your positive feedback.

Rudi Van Landeghem

Founder, Owner,


Enterprise architecture analyses and describes how an organisation operates and delivers value by examining the current business processes, roles and responsibilities, processes, technology and information flows. It is used to assist management , by going together through a well-defined development framework and methodology, take strategic decisions; e.g. ICT build/buy decisions.

Solution architecture focusses more on the operational / project level, constantly taking the target enterprise architecture into account, pragmatically balancing between business and IT requirements, project scope, timing and budget constraints, the strengths and weaknesses of the different options in order to agree together on the solution architecture delivered by the project.

Both services can be delivered with minimal presence at customer premises by means of proactive well defined work packages. More information on the process can be found in the architecture page.

Project management services are in line with customer’s organization experiences and pragmatically applying well-proven best practices to ensure projects are delivered within agreed budget, timing and quality. Working alongside client organizations, we will recommend a value driven approach to define and articulate project objectives, requirements and priorities. Depending on the project complexity will we implement the proper controls, governance and transparency during the whole life-cycle of the project.

Program management is the active process of managing multiple related and possibly interdependent projects which need to meet or exceed business goals according to a pre-determined methodology or life-cycle. Any program or project requires its own planning. In some organizations, projects are responsible for their own budgets but often, the project manager is working against tasks and deadlines, with budgets that were set at higher levels. Programs are more often, but not always, inclusive of budget management.

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